11,000 electronic tablets with education resources to be distributed by year-end

To further enhance Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in the education sector, some 3,750 electronic tablets are expected to be delivered to students across Guyana by the end of this month.

An additional 7,250 tablets are expected to be delivered by the last quarter, accomplishing the goal of providing 11,000 tablets pre-loaded with teaching resources for students by the end of the year.

ICT classroom

According to the Finance Ministry’s 2022 mid-year report, the distribution will provide students with the tools needed to enter the information age as the country and the world develop.

The report, which detailed sectorial developments between January to June this year, pointed out the rapid development of education under the PPP/C Government.  

According to the report, over 425 laptops and other computing equipment will also be delivered to teachers to help with the implementation of the Education Management Information System (EMIS) by the second quarter of 2023.

The ICT and EMIS implementation will provide real-time data and statistics for more effective scheduling, monitoring, and management of schools.

The PPP/C Government is dedicated to enhancing the ICT sector through the support of various educational programmes for youth development and across-the-board youth training initiatives.

ICTs are being used in Guyana as a catalyst for economic and social Empowerment.  In order to encourage the usage of ICTs throughout Guyana, a commitment was also made to build the infrastructure and create an enabling environment.

The government has budgeted $74.4 billion for the country’s education sector to create a world-class educational system and produce greater human capital, with a focus on ensuring fair access to high-quality education. This includes establishing strong systems, building additional schools, increasing teacher training programmes, and revising the school curriculum. The allocation to the sector is in keeping with the government’s five-year Education Strategic Plan (ESP) 2021-2025-Vision 2030.