1,500 traffic violations flagged as E-ticketing system becomes operational

His Excellency, Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali announced Thursday that the e-ticketing system has now become operational in Guyana, and will soon see the issuance of tickets to errant road users.

The system will use cameras and other technology to accurately monitor traffic, check speeds and read license plates for Guyanese vehicles, as well as track any traffic violations.

His Excellency, President Dr Irfaan Ali

On the first day of testing Thursday, the system was able to record almost 10,000 vehicles traversing the Mandela-Eccles four-lane highway, with approximately 1,500 drivers committing traffic violations.

The digitally obtained information will be transmitted to the Guyana Police Force and the Guyana Revenue Authority, and a traffic ticket issued and emailed to the driver based on the customisable parameters.

The license plate recognition function entails real-time license plate collection, driver and passenger snapshot, and high-powered infrared illumination.

The e-ticketing system forms part of the administration’s policy to modernise and improve the lives of citizens. It is expected to improve efficiency in the drafting and dispatch of tickets, as well as the enforcement of penalties and fines.

The Eccles-Mandela four-lane highway

It will be operational for 24 hours, and is expected to be expanded to many busy areas, removing the need for police officers to monitor traffic and manually write tickets.

The electronic ticketing system will replace written tickets and was introduced in an effort to modernise and transform the Guyana Police Force.