200 women participating in ‘WE LIFT’ 3 benefitting from tech opportunities

The 200 women who are scheduled to showcase their businesses at the ‘WE LIFT’ 3 expo set for April 15 to 16 at the Movietowne tarmac have since benefitted from several technological opportunities through the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security.

WE LIFT ─ Women Empowering, Leading, Innovating, and Flourishing Together is an initiative crafted to give women a platform to network and showcase their businesses.

The programme has helped women to grow during their preparation for Guyana’s largest women-owned business expo.

During a press conference on Thursday at the Movietowne tarmac, Minister of Human Services and Social Security, Dr Vindhya Persaud said, “From ‘We Lift’ One to Three, we would have launched within that time the WIIN app, so that is a platform where we would’ve seen 800 women already on.”

The minister revealed that another exciting new opportunity will be launched for women.

“We are going to be launching something very exciting on the opening day of WE LIFT 3, where women will have another opportunity handed to them free of cost.”

Minister of Human Service and Social Security at the press conference

She added that compared to previous years, WE LIFT 3 will differ in many ways including new businesses and a special moment to appreciate the use of technology.

“Looking at the other years, we would’ve seen some of the businesses that came out, so we included other types of businesses. You’ll see lots of consultancies, lots of services, so that was very much in the embryonic stage in the first year, so that’s bigger and newer.

“We are focusing on IT… we’re doing a very special moment with young women making sure that they enter that space of digital technology using influencers from within the ministry.” 

For the first time, companies that have sponsored the event such as Nations, Spotlight Initiative, and Exxon Mobil along with the ministry will also be exhibiting their products.

The ministry’s vision of the grand exhibition is to ensure more women are trained in all areas to fill voids that exist in today’s society.

Some of the women present at the press conference in preparation for the expo

The expo will run from 11:00 to 18:00 hours and will be separated into sections. There will be delicious and healthy desserts to tasty cuisines, a wellness spa area with hand-made candles and soaps, and local fashion and accessories.

The 200 women-owned businesses will consist of start-ups, growing and established businesses.