24 Caregivers participated in Human Services Ministry “Violence in Early Childhood” Workshop

Twenty-four caregivers from 14 early childhood centres in the South Georgetown district participated in a “Violence in Early Childhood” Workshop which addressed, among other things, ways of identifying children who may experience or be at risk of abuse, and teaching alternatives to violent or disruptive behaviours among children.

The workshop was facilitated by the Sexual Offences and Domestic Violence Policy Unit, a department within the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security at the Palms Recreation Hall, Brickdam on September 22 and 24, 2020.

The caregivers benefitted from a wide range of topics including An Introduction to Violence in Early Childhood, Violence throughout the Life Cycle, Understanding Temper Tantrums, and Reporting Child Abuse.

The participants expressed gratitude to the Ministry for extending an invitation to the South Georgetown district and pledged their support towards initiating actions that significantly reduces the proliferation of violence from the early childhood years.

Violence in Early Childhood is part of the Best Behaviour Campaign, an initiative of the Sexual Offences and Domestic Violence Policy Unit. The Campaign targets early childhood developers within licenced childcare facilities countrywide. It comprises four modules that focus on the formative years of child development, and is geared at re-teaching and re-socialising children about alternative non-violent ways of thinking. 

There was strict adherence to COVID-19 protocols throughout the workshop.