$244M concrete road commissioned at Matthews Ridge

Hundreds of residents in Matthews Ridge, Matarkai sub-district, Region One, are now benefitting from the recently completed $244 million concrete road project at Heaven Hill.

This new development reflects President Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali’s commitment, which he made during his visit to the area in December last year, upon learning about the challenges residents faced.

Minister of Housing and Water, Collin Croal attended the commissioning ceremony for the new thoroughfare on Sunday and expressed the government’s commitment to enhancing critical infrastructure in hinterland communities to provide relief to citizens.

Minister of Housing and Water, Collin Croal and Regional Chairman, Brentnol Ashley during the commissioning of the road

The road was built by GV Construction Incorporated as part of the Hinterland Roads Programme, measuring 1,150 metres in length and 16 feet in width.

The Ministry of Public Works will supervise the completion of an additional section of the road, with Station Street, School Street, and Hell Hill set to benefit. This undertaking will further improve transportation in the area.

Matthew’s Ridge is considered one of the oldest Amerindian communities in the Barima-Waini area. Its primary economic activities revolve around gold and manganese mining, along with subsistence agriculture.

Residents have long been voicing their complaints about the condition of their roads. Thanks to the PPP/C Government, they will no longer have to endure the challenging conditions they have faced for years.

Additionally, the entire community now enjoys access to electricity, another commitment by President Ali to connect the Pakera, Minab, and Rail Head areas. Regional Chairman, Brentnol Ashley and other regional representatives along with the contractors were also present at the commissioning ceremony.