Healthcare workers equipped with necessary tools to deliver enhanced services – Minister Anthony

Guyana’s healthcare sector has undergone substantial improvements due  strategic investments made by the People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) Government in primary healthcare.

While the administration continues to invest billions of dollars in upgrading healthcare infrastructure nationwide, Minister of Health, Dr Frank Anthony, outlined a series of forthcoming interventions aimed at fostering a conducive work environment for healthcare professionals and enhancing the overall patient care experience.

Minister of Health, Dr Frank Anthony delivering remarks at the certification ceremony

“In primary healthcare, we have identified 117 different interventions that we aim to implement, empowering healthcare workers with the necessary tools and conducive environments to deliver enhanced services to patients,” he highlighted during a PANCAP award ceremony on Friday.

Already, the government has implemented significant salary increases for various categories of healthcare workers. These increases benefitted over 5,000 individuals, leading to  disposable income by over $1.5 billion into the hands of healthcare providers. Additionally, this complements the annual salary increases for public servants.

As it relates to infrastructure development, Minister Anthony disclosed that over the past two years, the government has allocated approximately $300 million per region for the improvement of healthcare facilities.

This year, the investment is set to increase to $500 million per region, totalling $5 billion, to address infrastructural needs at health centres, posts, and district hospitals to optimise working conditions.

Additionally, Minister Anthony announced a budget of $5 billion has been earmarked for the procurement of medical equipment tailored to the specific needs identified at various healthcare levels.

To further amplify the healthcare services being provided to patients, the health minister reiterated the importance of standardising care noting that the ministry is assiduously working on developing comprehensive guidelines to streamline healthcare practices.

Referencing the partnership with Mount Sinai to develop guidelines for diabetes care, a prevalent health concern in Guyana.

This year, the minister disclosed that the ministry has embarked on developing guidelines for cardiovascular diseases, with plans to publish them for widespread accessibility.

In addition, initiatives addressing kidney diseases and other health areas are underway, for a more holistic approach to healthcare improvement.

Stressing the importance of adherence to these guidelines to ensure the delivery of appropriate treatment to patients, the minister said, “I hope people take these things seriously because we want our standard of care to be very high.”

The minister further noted that the standardisation of care also facilitates equitable access to essential medicines for all patients.