$25.6M bridge at Albouystown, Sussex Street promoting safety

Albouystown and Sussex Street, Georgetown residents and road users are now beneficiaries of a new $25.6 million bridge connecting the two communities.

This development comes as a direct response to the community’s complaints regarding the deplorable state of the previous bridge and fulfills a promise made by the government to address these concerns.

Image displaying before and after of infrastructural upgrade of Albouystown and Sussex Street bridge

The infrastructural upgrade is part of the PPP/C Government’s broader vision of prioritising safety, enhancing connectivity, and promoting economic growth within communities.

For the hundreds of residents in the area and the road users passing through, the newly constructed bridge provides vital access to schools and other essential facilities, significantly improving their daily lives.

The bridge, constructed by Pantheon Construction involved replacing the dilapidated wooden structure with a more durable and modern composite concrete design.

Works commenced in early January, the construction was completed just two weeks ago, showcasing efficient execution and delivery.

The initiative is just one of many bridge projects across Guyana, as outlined by the Ministry of Public Works’ substantial $204.1 billion 2024 budget allocation.

The budget caters to the enhancement of thoroughfares and bridges nationwide geared at improving transportation infrastructure for all Guyanese.

Included in these plans is the upgrading of the Corentyne Highway into a four-lane thoroughfare, with the reconstruction of 99 structures and the removal of utilities along the right-of-way.

Additionally, plans are underway to upgrade the Berbice River Bridge into a four-lane high-span bridge, providing improved access between regions.

The advancement of the New Demerara River Bridge is also on the agenda, promising enhanced connectivity and smoother travel for commuters.

Further boosting these efforts is the construction of the new Wismar four-lane bridge.

These projects collectively aim to provide significant relief to citizens, mitigating transportation congestion while fostering economic growth.