257 more households receive solar panels in Region One

More households in Region One are benefitting from enhanced access to electricity, as 257 solar systems were on Wednesday distributed to communities in the Mabaruma sub-district.

Some 97 solar panels were distributed in Imbotero, 22 in Morawhanna, 58 in Hobodeia, 68 in Hotoquai, and Lower Koriabo received 12.

Minister of Housing and Water, Collin Croal addressing residents of Region One

The Department of Public Information (DPI) spoke to several beneficiaries who noted their satisfaction with the government’s timely distribution of the panels. 

Isabella Thomas of Hobodeia expressed, “the government is doing what they have promised [us] and the promises are coming through. We are seeing it not only in our community but all around Guyana.”

 Toshao of Hobodeia, Alan Antonio said, “We will have lights from Christmas to the new year now. It will be helpful, especially for our children’s education. We will try to take the best care of it. If there is anything wrong with it, we will seek further advice.”

A section of the gathering

During visits to several communities, Minister of Housing and Water, Collin Croal underscored the importance of providing electricity to all households. 

“This is for you to get development for yourselves while uplifting your livelihoods…Let your children maximise this opportunity. This is a further investment for your community,” he highlighted.

The minister stressed that government is investing heavily in various measures to advance the level of communication and technology, education, safe water, housing, road infrastructure and health in hinterland and riverine communities.

“Resources are spent for the development of the communities. All Amerindian communities stand to benefit from the government’s developmental path.”

Residents were also urged to take care of their solar panels.

The 160-watt solar systems also have accessories which include two LED lights, a fan and three USB cables.

Some 55 households in Assakata Village also received solar panels.

Toshao of the village, Erroll Charles also expressed that the various developmental projects in their community are progressing smoothly including the teachers’ quarters, landing bridge with a shed, boathouse project, and tourist site, among others.

“So far, we are seeing faster development by the government,” Toshao Charles said.

Mabaruma sub-district will benefit from the distribution of approximately 2,300 solar panels.

Regional Chairman, Brentnol Ashley and Regional Vice Chairman, Annansha Peters also delivered brief remarks.