Update on A-Line Pump Station

The NDIA has taken note of questions raised by Opposition Member of Parliament, Ganesh Mahipaul, relating to the construction of the A-Line Pump Station. In an effort to maintain full transparency and accountability, the NDIA wishes to make known the following:

Over the years, the Ministry and the NDIA crafted programmes aimed at delivering quality drainage and irrigation infrastructure across the country, especially in vulnerable areas. These efforts, however, have been met with challenges as, oftentimes, the NDIA encountered contractors who have underperformed.

These instances have been and are being addressed on a case by case basis. In some instances, the NDIA applied liquidated damages to contractors who have not been able to complete projects according to the contractual time period.

In the case of the A-Line Pump station, the contractor has not been able to complete the project on time. As a result, liquidated damages are now being applied. The NDIA has noted that the contractor demobilized several pieces of equipment from the site. As such, the NDIA has notified the insurance company providing bonds on this project, and a file on the current situation has been sent to the Office of the Attorney General for advice on the way forward.

The Ministry and the NDIA remain committed to delivering on projects aimed at improving the country’s drainage and irrigation needs. While it is not welcomed, contractors have been known to disregard their contractual obligations, thus hampering development in a number of critical sectors.

It is interesting to note that Mr. Mahipaul failed to respond to the fire pump engines that were purchased by his party APNU/AFC when they were in government. This has caused Guyanese Taxpayers Millions of US dollars.