28 graduate from BIT’s fibre optic installation programme

The Labour Ministry’s Board of Industrial Training (BIT) partnered with JD Carn ICT Guyana Inc. to conduct a nine – week training for persons in the telecommunications sector.

Some 28 persons graduated on Wednesday from the fibre optic installation programme.

The ceremony was held at the Ministry’s head office, Georgetown. 

Labour Minister, Joseph Hamilton while delivering remarks at the graduation

At the graduation ceremony, Labour Minister, Joseph Hamilton emphasised the importance of being multi-skilled since the value of having a myriad of skills is integral in light of Guyana’s steadfast economic expansion.

“A one-skill and a one-talent person will not be able to survive the world…you have to be multi-skilled and multi-talented to survive the world before you. So, if a door is closed, you can walk into another door,” he said.

Minister Hamilton noted that the government will continue to provide resources to ensure programmes like these are offered to develop the country.

He stressed that, “we are prepared to support and to help and continue collaboration with the company, that’s a given…We would continue to be partners.”

The minister noted that there is no barrier to persons who want to complete multiple courses through BIT; however, the participant needs to complete a course that is complementary to what they are certified in. He stated that this would provide more income to the individual.

Minister Hamilton pointed out that there is also no gender domination in the courses offered.

Country Manager and Training Coordinator of JD Carn ICT Guyana Inc., Sherissa Phillips

Country Manager and Training Coordinator of JD Carn ICT Guyana Inc., Sherissa Phillips pointed to the many possibilities available, as Guyana is the fastest developing economy in the world post-COVID-19. 

She implored the graduating batch to capitalise on the opportunities by the telecommunication companies which include Guyana Telegraph and Telephone Company Limited (GTT), E-Networks, and Digicel.

Phillips told the graduates that having the right attitude is important in the telecommunications sector.

“You have the opportunity now to not only get employed but to remain employed. But your attitude, not necessarily your skills and knowledge, is what is going to be the difference within this market and markets beyond,” she stated.

JD Carn is a fibre broadband network solution provider in Guyana. The company has been in Guyana since 2018.

Meanwhile BIT’s CEO, Richard Maughn said BIT’s technical and vocational courses are tailored to meet the demands of Guyana.

He said that, “it ties into the government’s larger plan to make sure that there is accessibility when it comes to technical vocational education and training for which this programme falls within that frame…We need your skillset to develop our country.”

Maughn also encouraged the male graduates to be  part of the Men on Mission (MOM) programme ‘to make a difference in people’s lives.’

Participant, Norwel Bowen

Several graduates expressed their elation following the successful completion of the programme.

Norwel Bowen said that he feels lucky to participate in an internationally recognised certificate programme free of cost.

He added that, “opportunities like these do not just present themselves. I would encourage anybody that get the opportunity to take this course to go ahead and do it. Because you might not see the benefits now, but in a few years, they will see the importance.”

Participant, Azeem Ali

Another participant, Azeem Ali expressed, “I was very excited because as a fibre optic technician, it was exciting to get the opportunity to do this.”

Ali expressed gratitude to BIT for presenting the opportunity to him and others to participate in the course. He said that the course has provided him with the opportunity to upgrade his life, since he will be pursuing a career with the certificate. 

Charles Williams noted that he participated in the programme to develop his skill set, “the fact that the certificate is internationally recognised is something that really piqued my interest…And I am looking forward to participating in the development of Guyana.”

Participant, Kevin Thomas

He further encouraged persons to participate in the programme since the benefits are unlimited.

Participant, Kevin Thomas shared similar sentiments to that of Minister Hamilton, “it is very good to have a trade or a skill because you are going to be more marketable or employable if you have that trade or skill under your belt.”

Meanwhile, Mujahid Hamid noted that, “I feel very accomplished to follow through with the programme from start to finish,” he related.