350 vending spots still available for Mashramani – M&CC

DPI, Guyana, Wednesday, February 19, 2020

From the 750 spots allocated for vending along the Mashramani route on February 23 350 are still available. This was announced by Deputy-Director of Solid Waste Management at the Mayor and City Council, Floyd Rollins.

During an interview with DPI on Wednesday afternoon, Rollins who represents the Mashramani committee for the municipality said interested persons should visit the council soonest to acquire their spots.


Floyd Rollins, Deputy Director of Solid Waste Management at the Mayor and City Council.

“The procedure is very simple. Persons are asked to go and select numbers that they are comfortable with bring those numbers into the Town Clerk’s office at Mayor and City Council. Once those spots are still available you will receive it.”

He revealed that the price ranges from $12,000 to $25,000. Between Thomas Road to Lamaha Street, it is $12,000 and from Lamaha Street through to Church Street. At D’Urban Park it is $15,000. Persons desirous of vending at Square of the Revolution will be charged $25,000.

Rollins noted that vehicles will not be given access to the thoroughfare after 8am on February 23.

Additionally, the prohibited areas for picnicking and parking of vehicles are Carifesta Avenue and Vlissengen Road between Carifesta Avenue and Durban Street, Home Stretch Avenue and Hadfield Street. Those interested in doing so are urged to utilise adjacent streets.

“If persons do not adhere to these rules your vehicle will be towed, if you erect any tents or stall it will be removed,” Deputy-Director emphasised.

“We are asking that person be respectful and follow to the rules and regulations set out by the Mayor and City Council and the Guyana Police Force so that we can have a successful 50th Republic Anniversary,” Rollins stated.