351 households in Mabaruma sub-district benefitting from solar systems

As part of efforts aimed at improving living standards, government has distributed solar systems to 351 households in the Mabaruma sub-district, Region One

This initiative will not only provide much-needed electricity to these communities but also pave the way for further development.

Minister Croal during remarks

Approximately 39 households received solar systems in Wanakai, 56 in White Water, 134 in Wauna, 20 in Sugar Hill, 46 in Wanaina and 56 in Thomas Hill.

Many of the residents welcomed the distribution of the panels.

Minister of Housing and Water, Collin Croal handing over solar panels to CDC Chairman of Wanakai, Simon Roberts

Chairperson of the Community Development Council (CDC) of Wanakai, Simon Roberts noted that the panels will benefit many households in the community.

 “It is really good for the community because they were struggling for light and whatever…Now, they will have light…They were feeling glad to hear that they are uplifting the things that they need,” he shared with the DPI.

Headteacher of Wauna Nursery School, June Wilburg

Headteacher of Wauna Nursery School, June Wilburg, who also welcomed the gesture, emphasised that the panels and the accessories would encourage persons to study more.

“Because we have current at different intervals, the solar will help us a great lot and to study, especially when we go online. Sometimes, we may have assignments and all those things to do. We also would need to charge our cellphones and tablets from time to time,” she stated.  

Resident of Wauna, Katheleen Campbell Deo

Resident of Wauna, Katheleen Campbell Deo tearfully expressed, “I feel great. It is an opportunity that we are getting once more from the president. I am so thankful for the panel that we are receiving. For instance, you have a business and the electricity goes out, you can continue to have your freezer working and fan.”

Resident, Donna Ramsammy

Donna Ramsammy, who has been residing in Wauna for over 40 years, highlighted that it was difficult for teachers and students to complete their work in the earlier days, “We never knew about phones, lights and electrical fans. I think it is because of that, I am wearing spectacles to this day.”

Meanwhile, Minister of Housing and Water, Collin Croal, emphasised government’s ongoing commitment to infrastructure and other development, crucial to fostering sustainable growth and improving the quality of life for all Guyanese.

“The Mabaruma sub-region is about an investment of about 2,300 solar panels. For Region One, it is half of a billion dollars investment in solar panels…and for Mabaruma sub-region is about $137 million. This is only one response…Every time you come to a community after a while, you see the development that is happening,” the minister pointed out.

Distribution of solar systems

A total of $7.8 million was invested to provide solar panels to the community of Wauna.

Minister Croal encouraged the residents to take advantage of the many opportunities being provided by the government to improve their lives.   

Regional Chairman Brentnol Ashley expressed his appreciation for the government’s fulfillment of its pledge to provide every household with a solar system, a move that will significantly enhance the community’s current electricity supply.

Residents from the communities were also provided with a demonstration on the overall maintenance of the systems, ensuring their long-term sustainability. The minister was accompanied by Deputy Mayor of Mabaruma, Liane Ann Persaud.