$35M excavator, police outpost for Karrau, Region 7 – President Ali

The government has continued to build out agricultural initiatives all across the country to meet its 25 by 2025 objective while at the same time promoting a safer country for all.

As such, to ease the manual burden of residents and fast-track agricultural development within Karrau village, Region Seven, a brand new $35 million excavator has been procured for the community.

President Ali enlightens the residents about the investments being made in their village

At the same time, a police outpost will be established for stricter security.

President Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali announced these measures on Thursday during several visits to the region.

“We are investing for you the people of Karrau. And so, we have purchased for you a brand-new excavator at $35 million and by the end of this month that excavator will arrive here and we want you to deploy it into action,” the head-of-state told the residents gathered at the Karrau recreational facility.

President Ali encouraged the village leaders to ensure that the machine is used to maximise production within the village and improve the livelihood of the residents. 

The president also disclosed that he has since consulted with the Guyana Police Force to implement measures to ensure that Karrau becomes safer due to the influx of developments that are taking place.

“I have asked the Deputy Commissioner of Operations to work on setting up a police outpost here in Karrau. With this, we can move some of the community policing workers into the outpost,” President Ali stated.

President Ali enlightens the residents about the investments being made in their village

Members from the Community Policing Group will also benefit from new gears to execute their duties efficiently.

This outpost will help with the increase in traffic that steadily traverses through the village.

Additionally, to further promote sports within the village and bring encouragement to the youths, six more floodlights will be installed at Karrau’s recreational ground.

These lights are expected to be delivered to the village by next week Tuesday.

As the government continues to promote apiculture, the village will soon have access to 35 hives and the necessary equipment to further its bee-rearing and honey-production project.

“When you add up all these investments that we have made in Karrau you will get hundreds of millions…and when you divide it by the almost 600 residents then you will see how much we are investing for every single resident to make their community better, their life better and their life better,” the president asserted.

Residents of Karrau as they pay keen attention to President Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali speak

Moreover, heavy investments are also being made to improve the village’s infrastructure in terms of potable water wells and roads. Close to $35 million will be spent to construct the well with the project already out for tendering.

Just two days ago a contract totaling $89 million was signed to build a new road stretching from Karrau to Blue Mountain. Work on this project is expected to begin within the next two weeks.

Since the PPP\C government resumed office indigenous villages have been benefitting tremendously from massive investments. Over the past three years, Karrau saw over $100 million being disbursed into the village through the government’s Presidential Grant, Low Carbon Development Strategy (LCDS) fund, education, health, and even supplementary budgets.