38,000 doses of Covid vaccine expected from COVAX in May -Min. Anthony

The Government is expecting another shipment of Covid vaccines in May to further its robust immunisation campaign against the disease.

During today’s COVID-19 update Minister of Health, Hon. Dr. Frank Anthony said Guyana is to receive a second consignment of the AstraZeneca vaccine from the COVAX facility.

Minister of Health, Hon. Dr. Frank Anthony

“We are expecting 38,000 doses of the AstraZeneca vaccines. Hopefully we get that before the end of May and once we get that we will utilise it to make sure that people get their vaccines,” he said.

The Government has already received a first consignment of 24,000 doses of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine through the COVAX Facility.

This will complement the 200,000 doses of the Sputnik V vaccine Guyana bought from Russia.

The 38,000 doses of the AstraZeneca vaccines will contribute significantly to the Government’s drive towards herd immunity to reduce the spread of the disease.

Meanwhile, Minister Anthony advised persons who would have received a first Covid vaccine shot not to take another type of vaccine within a month of getting that first jab.

“Vaccines work on the basis that you are being injected with an antigen that would not cause disease but would cause your body, your immune system to react to produce antibodies. So, if you take a vaccine, it sometimes takes seven to twenty-one days for your immune system to properly act to produce antibodies,” Minister Anthony said.

“To get a clear understanding of side effects and reactions and so forth from a particular vaccine, you would need some time period and that’s why it’s advisable if you are using two different vaccines, to properly have that time interval,” the Minister added.

However, he noted there are vaccines that can be used in combination. The Minister also said there is no reason preventing persons with anemia or sickle cell from being inoculated against the disease.

Already, over 124,000 persons have received their first dose of the Covid vaccines, while 2,800 persons have been fully immunised with both doses. Minister Anthony is encouraging all adults to visit a vaccination site to take the vaccine.