40 Region One residents benefitting from ICT training programme

Forty (40) residents from various communities in Region One (Barima-Waini) who are participating in the Train-the-Trainer Information Communications Technology (ICT) programme are set to benefit from several ICT skill training techniques.

Minister of Labour, Joseph Hamilton

This aligns with the government’s vision to expand the reach of ICT countrywide even as it considers its development and utilisation as a major priority, as part of its mandate to promote and enable sustainability and development.

In an effort to address this important issue, the Office of the Prime Minister’s Industry and Innovations Unit is conducting a series of community-level training programmes across Guyana. 

Upon completion of the training, the participants from the various communities can return to their communities to teach other persons. 

The programme will focus on various ICT skillsets which include cyber security, hardware and software, internet computing, web development, and teaching methodology.

Speaking at the launch, Minister of Labour, Joseph Hamilton noted that this initiative demonstrates the government’s commitment to developing its human resources to function efficiently in a world that keeps evolving.

“All of the opportunities that exist on the coast and in Region Four, wherever people live in Guyana, they will participate in those opportunities. That is what this is all about here, keeping a commitment to the people of Region One. There will be no division as regards coastal, hinterland, and riverine. All of us must participate and benefit in the development of the country,” Minister Hamilton reaffirmed.

Web Services Coordinator, Mark Mahabir

Meanwhile, Web Services Coordinator, Mark Mahabir highlighted that OPM which has the policy responsibility for ICT development and deployment is rolling out several initiatives which will ensure Guyanese are positioned to benefit from the many opportunities that ICT offers.

“I must emphasise that ICT cannot thrive in Guyana unless our most precious resources, our people, are able to benefit from the opportunities that ICT brings, but we cannot benefit until we provide the necessary skills and knowledge to fully utilise ICT as a launch pad for social and economic change,” Mahabir underlined.    

Some of the residents who are participating in the train-the-trainer ICT programme in Region One

ICT is becoming a must and to effectively function in a changing world, it is now necessary that everyone attains some level of technology knowledge.

Mahabir noted that, “training programmes such as these are very important in educating Guyanese. It provides people with opportunities to learn ICT without having to leave their communities. Guyana is going digital and we must be fully prepared when this happens.”

Mayor of Region One, Chris Pang

Meanwhile, Mayor of Region One, Chris Pang highlighted that the training would benefit the community tremendously, now more than ever, as the world keeps progressing rapidly in the technological area.

“I would encourage you to grasp what you will be taught here. We all know that this will benefit you in the long-run not only you but your community as well, because you will go back there and share your knowledge with the residents,” Pang added.

Participants at the launch of the ICT programme in Region One

The programme commenced on March 13and will conclude on Friday, March 17, 2023.

Regional Chairman, Brentnol Ashley and other officials also attended the launch.