$40M housing programme for vulnerable families in Warapoka, Region One

Ten vulnerable families from Warapoka in Moruca Sub-District, Region One, are set to benefit from new homes totalling $40 million, through the government’s Hinterland Housing programme.

Minister of Housing and Water, Collin Croal revealed this during his visit to the community on Sunday. He was accompanied by Hinterland Housing Project Engineer, Cy Rodrigues and Regional Vice Chairperson, Anansha Peters.

Minister of Housing and Water, Collin Croal during a meeting with residents

The Village Council will promptly initiate the selection process through a voting process involving the entire village.

Minister Croal encouraged the council to prioritise those in dire need, including the elderly and single mothers.

“This process will ensure transparency and accountability… so I encourage you to get the residents together and begin the selection process immediately so that we can get this project up and running,” he said.

The homes will be elevated structures measuring 20×25 ft. Each home will have four rooms, washroom facilities, and a 6×10 ft verandah. Each unit will have a water trestle and tank for rainwater harvesting.

A section of the gathering at the meeting with Minister Croal

The homes will be free of cost; however, the Central Housing and Planning Authority (CH&PA) will pay two skilled workers for the construction of each unit, while the beneficiary is expected to provide the remaining labour required.

All the timber will be sourced and paid for by CHPA at the rates offered by villagers. A total of 5,000 BM of wood is needed for the construction of each unit.

Minister Croal said the initiative is delivering on a commitment made by the administration to enhance the standard of living of the citizens by providing affordable housing solutions.

It doesn’t matter where your village is located, development will come to our people,” he told the residents.

Minister Croal underscored that the project’s use of local materials and labour will contribute to the economic transformation of the community.

A section of the gathering at the meeting with Minister Croal

Further, as a measure to protect the beneficiaries, Minister Croal explained that both married and common-law beneficiaries will be required to sign a contract before construction. This contract aims to safeguard their interests in the case of divorce or separation.

Meanwhile, Minister Croal announced that the village will benefit from a new well, which will be catered for in the 2024 National Budget.

Around 100 families in Region One are anticipated to receive homes through the Hinterland Housing Programme, with each home costing $4 million. The villages for this initiative have been identified, and the selection of beneficiaries is currently in progress.