4,188 public servants received training since 2020

Over 4,000 public servants have undergone vigorous training in varying areas from 2020 to 2023, through the Ministry of Public Service’s training division.

Former Minister of Public Service, Sonia Parag made the disclosure during a year-end press briefing held at the ministry’s headquarters, Waterloo Street, Georgetown, on Friday last.

The division is mandated to train public servants to build a culture of competence and create an impetus for excellence while updating the knowledge and skills of officers to meet the requirements of the ever-changing environment in service delivery.

In Region One, 18 individuals were trained; Region Two, 28; Region Three, 105; Region Four, 3,691; Region Six, 138; Region Seven, 19; Region Eight, three; Region Nine, six and Region 10, 123.

Minister Parag disclosed that over 4,000 public servants will benefit from training this year.

“Now we have a target of 4,750 in the year 2024. Training programmes are going to become more robust in 2024. We are ensuring that we reach out to those persons…And train them because it is so necessary,” she emphasised.

Additionally, through the Centre for Excellence in Information Technology, over 500 public servants received training in the technical field.

The training was also extended to individuals of Mocha/Arcadia and parts of Region Five. Meanwhile, the ministry will be rolling out a Spanish language training programme that will be available to over 50,000 public employees, as the government places emphasis on upskilling those officials to complement the changes in service delivery.