597 spectacles distributed through ‘snap on’ spectacles initiative – Dr Anthony

As the government continues to make significant steps in providing eyecare services to Guyanese, Health Minister, Dr Frank Anthony, on Tuesday, said some 597 spectacles have been distributed to residents in various regions so far.

Dr Anthony said that the ‘snap on’ spectacle initiative is a new programme introduced by his ministry.

Patient undergoing eye examination

He highlighted that the government purchased some 4,500 spectacles through the programme. 

So far, the health minister said that 23 spectacles were distributed in Region Ten, 124 in Region Seven, and 450 spectacles in Region Eight.

The ministry continues to bridge the gap in the provision of health care services in hinterland communities. A team is deployed to the communities to conduct eye examinations and spectacles are provided to those who require it.

Some 4,000 hinterland residents are expected to benefit from the ‘snap on’ spectacles initiative.

Dr Anthony explained that the snap on spectacles were invented by one of the professors at John Hopkin’s University which is being utilised by many countries worldwide.

He said the ministry and the university have a partnership which has helped Guyana during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We learnt about this programme because we have a collaboration with Hopkin’s on different initiatives. So, we have been working with them on knowledge sharing. More recently, we have been collaborating with them on malaria.”

Dr Anthony underscored that the programme will continue in other regions, “we should be going to Regions One and Nine shortly.”