$5B allotted for sea defences is an investment to secure agriculture – Minister Edghill

Minister of Public Works, Bishop Juan Edghill said government’s $5 billion investment in sea defence, is government making an investment to secure agriculture. The Minister made the affirmation on Thursday as he defended the 2022 budget during the debates.

“It is not just boulders and riprap sea defence we are thinking about, we are thinking about the thousands of farmers who plant cash crops, rice, sugar, the poultry farmers, the cattle farmers. They have to be able to carry on their trade so we have to keep the sea out. So, we are making the investment to secure agriculture,” Minister Edghill stated.

Sea defence

The Minister said while persons cannot eat the stones at the sea defence, it is because of the sea defence, people can eat.  The monies will go towards building sea defence in Grove, La Resource, Maria’s Delight, Zeelandia, Leguan, Bygeval, Essex and Bengal.

In 2021, government invested $4.7 billion on the construction, rehabilitation and maintenance of rip-rap sea defence in areas, including Fairfield, Naamryck, Zeelugt, Zeelandia and Leguan. Further, the construction of 100 metres of geotextile tube groyne at Non Pariel was completed along with the planting of 40,000 mangrove seedlings.

Added to that, budget 2022 has earmarked $28.7 billion to ensure the rapid growth and development of Guyana’s agriculture sector.