$5M seawall beautification project nears completion

─December 15 deadline
─vendors to be engaged

The aesthetics of the Kingston seawall is undergoing a remarkable transformation as Government injects $5 million to beautify the popular leisure spot.

Minister of Public Works, Hon. Bishop Juan Edghill told DPI the project is a collaboration between the Office of the First Lady, Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Commerce and the Public Works Ministry.

Minister of Public Works, Hon. Bishop Juan Edghill at the Kingston Seawall

Plans to beautify the seawall were fast-tracked following Tourism Awareness Month in November.

“For the benefit of all the people of Guyana and to ensure that Guyana is a tourist destination where the people at the current hotels and the new hotels that would be coming on stream can be able to relax, as well as our own Guyanese, Government has to intervene,” Minister Edghill stated.

“We were able to complete swiftly getting all the lights from the Marriot all the way down to Celina’s operational,” he said.

The lighting exercise was the first step in the beautification project that is expected to be finalised by December 15.

“The bandstand was in a state of disrepair, practically nothing done to it over the last five years. So, we are getting that done,” Minister Edghill continued.

A picket fence has since been reconstructed around the greenery of the bandstand with floral plants on the exterior.

Also receiving a much-needed facelift is the walkway on the seawall which now features decorative blocks.

Minister Edghill added that there are plans to construct permanent restrooms to replace the portable toilets at the seawall.

“Everybody has been welcoming what is taking place here because we must be able to return live shows, we must be able to get the Police Force band to come out here and give entertainment on a Sunday afternoon.”

While admitting it is the responsibility of the Georgetown Mayor and City Council to maintain and beautify the seawalls, Minister Edghill said Guyanese could no longer wait for the body to execute the projects that are important and of historical value.

There are also plans to engage vendors to encourage compliance with the country’s laws so there could be efficiency in the conduct of business on the seawall.

“We want to encourage economic activity, but we cannot encourage lawlessness at the same time…I am not pleased at all with the encumbrance and the wanton disregard for law and order with people who are vending,” the Minister added.

The project is the brainchild of First Lady Mrs. Arya Ali, who has been working aggressively to enhance leisure spots and public spaces under her National Beautification Project.