$6M bus to transport Princeville children to school

Children in Princeville, Region Eight, will no longer have to walk to Mahdia for school, as a new bus was handed over to residents on Sunday.

Minister of Amerindian Affairs, Pauline Sukhai delivered the $6 million vehicle to Senior Councillor, Zelda David, who was delighted to receive the vehicle on behalf of the children living in the satellite of Campbelltown village. 

Minister of Amerindian Affairs, Pauline Sukhai, MP hands over the key to Senior Councillor of Princeville, Zelda David in the presence of villagers and Ministry staff

“We must appreciate what she [Minister Sukhai] is doing for us. I must say I am very appreciative to see this bus here for children to go to Mahdia. Only a few days ago children could not go to school because of no transportation.”

The bus is expected to transport some 40 children. Parents are equally elated with the delivery of the automobile.

Resident of Princeville, Hilda Henrito

Hilda Henrito of Princeville, said, “I would like to thank the minister and president for this bus. I am happy and proud of this. The minister of Amerindian Affairs is working hard for us.”

Elenie Marks, a mother of one school aged child, said she is comfortable now knowing that there is a reliable vehicle dedicated to school children.

Resident of Princeville, Elenie Marks

“I am happy and thankful for this nice nice bus. I have no words to say how I feel. Thank you for everything you are doing for us.”

Former head teacher of Princeville Primary School, Lloyd Henrito urged the villagers to play their part to ensure children receive a sound education.

The government is doing their utmost best. Whatever is being done for the community is for the benefit for the children. We the parents must play our part and ensure our children learn.”

Minister Sukhai said government will continue to ensure equitable access to education.

Senior Councillor of Princeville, Zelda David

As promised by government, children must have access to education regardless of their geography.

“I am very pleased on behalf of my government, the People’s Progressive Party Civic Government, to be the agent that is handing over this bus. Education is important always and the indigenous communities, I want to encourage you to look at education as your gateway out of the other developments that your villages are experiencing.”

Minister Sukhai said though the primary function of the bus is for school children, the village committee must make it available for the elderly and persons needing to be transported to the hospital.

“We would want to ask whoever is going to be the driver of this bus that you must take utmost care of this bus. We would like to make sure that the bus serves the purpose and lasts the intended lifetime.”