$8.6B in contracts signed for road works in Region Six

– Vice President says $20B for roads, bridges in the region

Region Six will benefit from $8.6 billion in road works, as 268 contracts were signed today at the Albion Community Centre to commence works.

Vice President Dr Bharrat Jagdeo who led an outreach to the region said overall, some $20 billion will be expended on roads and bridges in the region.

Vice President Dr Bharrat Jagdeo addressing contractors and residents at the Albion Community Centre

The Vice President said one of the main demands throughout the country has been for better infrastructure.

He said the recent meeting held in the region has prompted an increased investment in community roads from $4 billion to $10 billion. It was also highlighted that the investment in the region is to compensate for the neglect the region has endured for five years under the previous administration.

“Today we are here now where over 200 more roads with about over 260 contracts will be awarded. So that will keep the promise that over 300 roads will be done this year,” Dr Jagdeo said.

“I said we had $4 billion in the budget for and that we would probably have to increase another $4 billion to get this done. Well it will be $10 billion that will be spent on community roads in this region,” he added.

A section of the gathering at the Albion Community Centre

The investment has been described as essential by the Vice President, who also made it clear that in the next budget, the government will continue to invest in the development of infrastructure in the region.

The Vice President also disclosed that $10 billion in contracts have been awarded to facilitate the widening of the main access road to four lanes. However, he said the government is still ironing out some kinks to make the transformation possible.

“We want a major four lane from Moleson all the way to New Amsterdam. So that is what we are now looking at but already contracts to the cost of $10 billion have been awarded to do 99 bridges on the main road to widen them. If we are going with the four lane, we probably have to amend those contracts to widen them even further so we can accommodate the entire four lane road,” the Vice President stated.

Contractors executing the works were issued a stern warning by the Vice President to not only complete the work in the stipulated time but also to produce quality work. This means, carefully following the scope of works as outlined in the contracts.

“If when we test that and we find that any one of those things are not met, you are not getting another contract”

The regional leaders were also called upon to ensure that the people of the region get value for their money.

The Vice President is currently in the region on an outreach with several ministers of government.