A ‘Guyanese’ Mashramani

― Guyanese culture still prevails

DPI, Guyana, Saturday, February 23, 2019

Mashramani 2019, once again proved to be one of the most unifying celebrations in Guyana. Citizens of all ages, hues and shades came out in their numbers to be a part of the annual event.

Spectators flooded Vlissengen Road in their numbers to witness the grand parade as it wended its way to Durban Park for the grand finale. As the Department of Public Information team treaded Vlissengen Road, we observed families representing all of Guyana’s six races proudly wearing clothes that revealed the Golden Arrow Head and other attractive apparel.

While some lined themselves on the roadside dancing and interacting with the moving bands as the passed along on the route, others picnicked in cooler corners to witness the spectacle.

Among these persons was Desiree Howell who experienced Mashramini for the first time at the age of 69. Howell joined the celebration with her grand-daughter. Their faces were wreathed in smiles as they stood enjoying the scenery. “I feel like dancing, I like all of the costumes, all of them,” emphasised Howell.

73-year-old Brenda Ifill was also in high spirits. She was determined to view this year’s parade despite being confined to a wheelchair. In a show of independence she eagerly sat a distance away from her family just to engage herself in the live action.  Grinning merrily, she exclaimed, “I am enjoying Mash wonderful – every year I look forward to it.”

The revellers delighted themselves in showcasing Guyana’s rich culture through their costumes with their unique designs and luminous colours which enthralled the spectators.  The visual spectacle was complemented by vibrantly delivered music by Steel orchestras, local artistes, masqueraders and local deejays.

Alleya Hamilton

Images: Tejpaul Brigdgemohan, Jules Gibson