A kaleidoscope of colours: Thousands gather at National Stadium for Phagwah celebration

Thousands of citizens gathered at the National Stadium on Tuesday to join in the celebration of Phagwah – the festival of colours.

Also known as Holi, the ancient Hindu festival signifies the arrival of spring.  It is celebrated annually and in the modern Guyana, it is a festival that brings together persons from all walks of life.

Citizens in their numbers turned up at the National Stadium to take part in the Phagwah Celebrations

The President Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali-led Administration is seeking to achieve a ‘One Guyana’ and the importance was stressed by those who attended the event, organised by the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport.

National footballer, Jeremy Garett told the Department of Public Information, “I think it is very important as we celebrate. No matter religion, race, One Guyana, regardless, it’s very important for Guyana.”

Jeremy Garett, national footballer

Keevin Allicock, a national boxer also stressed the importance of oneness.

“Come together, to live with love, if you look at everyone, there is no fuss, there is no fight, everyone is just here enjoying themselves, not just here but all parts of Guyana, people are celebrating. They are not looking at the faces, the colour of the skin, everyone is having a wonderful time,” he said.

Keevin Allicock, national boxer

Allicock added, “I am having a fantastic time to see all these beautiful people out here, coming together, having fun. It’s so much colours. What I want the Guyanese people to look at, to see, you know, if you look at every one faces, it is One Guyana, you can’t see the difference.  It’s a beautiful day.”

Bill (only name given), who is visiting for the first time expressed his admiration for the festival that brings together so many people from different backgrounds.

Bill, who is visiting Guyana for the first time

He expressed, “It’s fantastic. I am here with my dear friend, I have never been to Guyana before and I am so lucky to have been here for Holi. I intend to get a little more colourful before the end is over. Apart from the importance of it, in terms of the Hindu faith, it’s so important because everyone comes together at this time. You can see that everybody is engaged in the celebrations, everybody is getting along together. It’s wonderful, it’s great to see.”

West Coast Demerara resident, Kevin Singh

Meanwhile, Kevin Singh, a West Coast Demerara resident shared, “It’s always unbelievable. Amazing how Phagwah and Holi helps to bring everybody together to create a diversity. It’s really really good and I am having a good time, I always have a good time. I think it’s important, you know, the ministry (Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport) continues to do such a good work, continue to bring people together, creating these platforms where we can express and bring everybody together here in this one avenue where we can all show this oneness.

A section of the gathering at the stadium

“The One Guyana that we try to portray all the time; it’s amazing. So, it’s important that we upkeep the culture, keep Phagwah, keep all the different festivals that we have as a part of our culture so that it keeps bringing together people.”

A number of local artistes delivered wonderful and energetic performances.