Allottees to participate in lot identification by June for Blocks 13, 18 at Golden Grove, EBD

Some 3,583 persons who were allocated lands at Blocks 13 and 18 at Golden Grove housing area, on the East Bank of Demerara, will be able to access their lands by June.

A total of 1,883 lots have been allocated in Block 13 which has 7 lots, while approximately 1,700 persons were allocated lands at Block 18 which has 2,208 acres of land.

Minister of Housing and Water, Collin Croal

Minister of Housing and Water, Collin Croal gave the assurance while inspecting infrastructural works at Block 13 at Golden Grove, Friday afternoon. 

“Over the next two weeks, we will have two other lots that will be available to be shown on Block 13. And we will be outstanding by one lot, which is expected to be completed in May,” stated Minister Croal.

Minister of Housing and Water, Collin Croal and a technical team during an inspection of Block 13, Golden Grove, EBD

However, the minister said that liquidated damages will be applied if the contractor surpassed the timeline, since the extended period ends on April 30.

“We also have to hold persons accountable as we have timelines. Persons have invested their money and are waiting to have access to their lands to build [their homes]. We, too, have a responsibility to have these works completed as quickly as possible,” he assured.

Over 400 acres of lands have been developed in Block 13 which saw an investment of about $3.3 billion and another $569 million for additional works.

Infrastructural works totaling about $3.6 billion is being spent in Block 13 to provide the allottees with access to road network, bridges and other necessities. 

Despite several challenges in the area, the minister expressed satisfaction with the progress of the infrastructural works there.

Meanwhile, the first set of persons who were allocated lands at Block 18 will participate in a lot identification exercise by mid-May.

“We have over 2,208 acres of lands for which we have just recently started showing persons for access…” he stressed while speaking about several blocks on the East Bank corridor.

The first set of persons who were allotted lands at Blocks 9 and 13 in Golden Grove participated in a lot identification exercise last month. 

Minister Croal also disclosed that, as early as Monday, persons will be contacted to commence the process for the signing of their agreements of sale for all the new areas where persons have already participated in the lot identification exercise.

He reiterated that all the ministry has exhausted all the lands available for housing along the East Bank corridor.