Almost 10,000 acres of corn, soya beans being produced in 2023

Guyana is on target for self-sufficiency by 2025 to produce all of its livestock feed, while reducing its dependency on imports, with approximately 10,000 acres of corn and soya beans being produced in 2023.

Guyana is diversifying its robust agriculture sector with the introduction of new crops to ensure food security .

Minister of Agriculture, Zulfikar Mustapha at the press conference

This was underscored by Minister of Agriculture, Zulfikar Mustapha on Saturday during the end of year press conference.

“We have seen almost 10,000 acres of corn and soya beans being produced in 2023, with production for 26,000 acres for the end of 2024… And 30,000 acres by the end of 2025. This will take us to self-sufficiency in 2025 for us to produce all of our livestock feed for our country’s needs…And for us to be a net exporter in the Caribbean,” Minister Mustapha stated.

The agriculture minister also expressed, “So, that means this will be a big thing for us if we produce our own feed in Guyana, then, the cost for meat especially poultry and other meats will be reduced tremendously.”

Production of corn and soya beans in the Tacama area

Government has developed an area in the Tacama Savannah for the production of corn and soya bean.

“We have built 41 kilometres of roads in the Tacama area there. We have built the silos, 9,000-tonne silos, that they are using to process the corn and soya. And we have seen production increasing over the years,” stated Minister Mustapha.

With the fastest growing economy in the world, Guyana keeps attracting new investors as a result of the abundance of opportunities.

As a matter of fact, Minister Mustapha said, “We are seeing more and more investors being encouraged to come into this area. In 2023, we saw two new investors, the Santa Fe and the Iring Integrated in Region Nine. And another two investors, the Sheriff Group and Farmland Incorporation in 2024.