Ambitious plans in pipeline to drive community development – Min. Parag

In a resounding commitment to comprehensive community development, Minister of Local Government and Regional Development, Sonia Parag on Tuesday declared the government’s bold vision to transform all communities nationwide.

Making her contribution to the 2024 budget debate in the National Assembly, Minister Parag said the ministry is crucial in promoting democracy and development in Guyana.

Minister of Local Government and Regional Development, Sonia Parag

She remains adamant that the over $103 billion allocated this year will ensure all local democratic organs nationwide receive their subvention to further drive development across the nation.

“In addition to that we are not leaving the hinterland communities out as well with the particular allocation given to the region and we plan to do so much in all of the region to develop drainage, irrigation and to ensure that the daily life of our people is made easier and there is relief brought to the communities,” Minister Parag.

The minister believes the interventions outlined in the fiscal package are comprehensive and people-centred, and demonstrate the administration’s drive to meaningfully increase Guyana’s economic growth.

“I am proud to stand here in defense of yet another bold, people-centred budget. And of course, I cannot stand here without commending my colleague the Honourable Dr Ashni Singh, Minister of Finance and now Public Service for once again presenting such an incredible financial plan. One that supports and maintains our standing as the world’s fastest-growing economy,” Minister Parag posited.

According to the minister, the budget is a roadmap to prosperity as she foresees it propelling the nation and positively impacting the lives of Guyanese.

Detailing how the huge sums of allocations were divided between the various sectors, the minister stated that it would bring investment opportunities, as well as build the country’s human capital.

This will be done as the government continues to roll out new programmes, initiatives, and infrastructural development and advance existing ones, especially in the hinterland districts.

“This government is the government with a track record of taking care of our first people,” she concluded.