Amerindian Affairs Ministry takes Christmas cheer to Region 8

The faces of children in the North Pakaraimas mountains lit up on Sunday after receiving Christmas gifts from Minister of Amerindian Affairs, Pauline Sukhai.

Children in Region Eight receiving gifts from Minister Sukhai and other officials.

Minister Sukhai and a team from her ministry and the region traversed some of the tallest mountains in Region Eight (Potaro-Siparuni), delivering the joy of Christmas through a toy distribution exercise.

The team visited Kato, Kurukabaru, Kamana, Kanapang, Itabac, Monkey Mountain, and Arasawa, ensuring that no child is without a toy for Christmas.

Children in Region Eight receiving gifts from Minister Sukhai and other officials.

She said the government will continue to serve all Guyanese regardless of their geographical location.

“His Excellency (Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali) has developed this as an initiative to bring some joy and happiness for this season. We continue to work in the interest of all the people of Guyana; this includes you.

Don’t matter how far you are from the capital city; we are providing the resource to begin this path to prosperity for the people. Our government will ensure that no village, no community, and no satellite be left behind.”

Children in Region Eight receiving gifts from Minister Sukhai and other officials.

The ministry is distributing 8,000 toys. Minister Sukhai’s team will journey over the next few days to the other areas to continue the distribution.

Private sector companies including Gold Target Export, have partnered with the government to execute the toy drive.

Representative of the company, Christian Baksh, also accompanied the minister on the distribution.

He noted that it brings him joy to support the children in the hinterland.

“We do hope that you enjoy what we have brought for you and hope it brings you happiness during the season.”

It is a continuation of the toy distribution which began last year. Gold Target Export was also a key sponsor in 2021.

It is also just one of the initiatives of the government which targets children.

It was the PPP/C Administration that returned the ‘Because We Care’ cash grants to school children across the country, the hinterland included.

In 2021, children in all public nursery, primary and secondary schools across the country received $15,000 under the Because We Care initiative and $4,000 to purchase school uniforms. This was an increase from the previous amount they received under the previous PPP/C Government, which was $10,000 for the Because We Care grant and $2,000 for school uniforms.

Now in 2022, that grant has been increased by more than 50 per cent, as each school child has received $30,000.

The project was also extended to all private school students as well.