Amerindians will not be left behind – MP Pearson

The $789.1 billion 2023 budget aims to uplift and enhance the lives of every Guyanese and the first people will be no exception.

This assurance was made by Government Member of Parliament, Yvonne Pearson while during her contribution to the 2023 budget debates on Monday in the National Assembly.

Government Member of Parliament, Yvonne Pearson during Monday’s budget debates in the National Assembly

Hinterland communities and villages are set to benefit from huge allocations made to the education, health and infrastructure sectors.

“I would like to point out $12.4 billion to improve education infrastructure across the country. And when we say across the country, we’re also talking about the hinterland communities and so education infrastructure will be developed, enhanced in our various communities and villages.

“$3.4 billion to procure textbooks for the use by primary and secondary schools that include our hinterland schools unlike what happened under the APNU+AFC when they received no exercise books in our schools …This would not happen under our government,” MP Pearson asserted.

This is the first time that hinterland and Amerindian youths are being given the opportunity to pursue their tertiary education in their own communities the MP highlighted.

She added that the 2023 budget is all about ‘One Guyana’ that will see the country moving upwards and onwards.

“They refer to us as uneducated, but in all my uneducatedness, I understand the budget and the benefits that it will bring for the Guyanese,” the MP said.

MP Pearson pointed out that Amerindian communities have already benefitted from a plethora of programmes that have been rolled out over the last two years.

“It has started already and the 2023 budget will see the continuation of all these things,” the government MP highlighted as she reminded the National Assembly that the PPP/C Government has been consulting with Amerindian leaders since 2007 on the issue of climate financing; of which 15 per cent of the revenues earned will go towards Amerindian development.