APNU+AFC heartened by high Disciplined Services voter turnout

The APNU+AFC Coalition is heartened by the high level of turnout by the members of the Disciplined Services for their voting yesterday, Friday February 21st. The 82% turnout is a clear indication of the immense confidence that the members of the Joint Services have in the leadership provided by President Brig. David Granger and the APNU+AFC Coalition Government. Further, this unprecedented turnout is higher than that achieved in 2015 when our Coalition went on to win the elections.

Life for the hardworking members of the Joint Services has improved significantly under the APNU+AFC Coalition Government with vastly increased salaries, lower taxes, more training opportunities, better conditions of work, meritorious promotions, more equipment and greater resources.

The Joint Services put their lives on the line to keep our country and its citizens safe and their welfare and wellbeing are top priorities for our Coalition Government.

We are committed to ensuring that their quality of life, like that of all Guyanese improves even more during our next term in government.

The APNU+AFC Coalition is the only party that is committed to ensuring that every member of our joint services is a homeowner.

We salute the members of the Joint Services for their impressive turnout on Disciplined Services Voting Day and look forward to them providing services on E-Day, March 2nd to ensure a safe day of voting for all eligible electors.