APNU+AFC to request recount in all Regions – Harmon

—8 political parties have submitted recount requests

 DPI, Guyana, Saturday, March 14, 2020

The APNU+AFC through its campaign manager Joseph Harmon says it will pursue its requests for recounts of votes in all ten electoral districts.

Harmon noted that this will be done if the Returning Officer of District 4, Clairmont Mingo grants the request for a recount by the opposition political parties.

“In the meantime, the APNU+AFC had also requested recounts in all regions; Regions One to Ten. In the event any recount is granted for Region Four, we intend to pursue our application for recounts in regions one to ten,” Harmon explained in a televised statement.

A high-level team from CARICOM headed by CARICOM chair Mia Mottley has indicated it is prepared to come to Guyana to overlook the recount of votes in all electoral districts.

The vote count for Region Four, as declared by the Returning Officer Clairmont Mingo, has pushed the APNU+AFC ahead at the 2020 General and Regional Elections, with 130, 289 votes at the regional elections and 136,057 votes in the general elections.

Harmon also informed that PPP lawyers had moved to the courts earlier to file an injunction to restrain the Chief Elections Officer Keith Lowenfield from making a final declaration, a matter which was dismissed by Chief Justice (ag) Roxane George on Saturday afternoon.

Since the results were declared, eight political parties have filed requests for a recount.

See the full statement below.


APNU+AFC Media Release

Saturday, March 14, 2020

Statement by Mr. Joseph Harmon

As you are aware, the declaration of results for this electoral district number four was made last night. The parties have until 12:00hrs today to decide if they would request a recount. I am advised that as of 12:00hrs today, eight parties have requested recounts in Region Four.

Additionally, we have been advised that the lawyers for the Peoples Progressive Party (PPP) have moved to the courts to secure an injunction restraining the Chief Elections Officer from making a final declaration which would lead to the swearing in of the President.

Our lawyers are attending to this matter and we intend to await the outcome of that process before taking any further steps. In the meantime, the APNU+AFC had also requested recounts in all regions, regions one to ten. In the event any recount is granted for region four, we intend to pursue our application for recounts in regions one to ten.

In the meantime, as a follow up to the CARICOM (Caribbean Community) leaders mission here on the 11-12 March 2020, there was an agreement for a high-level team from CARICOM to come to Guyana to help oversee any process of recount that GECOM (Guyana Elections Commission) or the court may grant.

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