Approximately $1.8 billion in contracts inked to further develop agri. sector

almost $1.3 billion for the rehabilitation of drainage catchment at Liliendaal, Ogle under World Bank-funded FRMP

The Ministry of Agriculture today inked six contracts totaling some $1,793,905,190 to further develop the agriculture sector.

Of the Six contracts signed, the ministry’s Agriculture Sector Development Unit signed a contract with General Engineering Supplies and Services Inc. totaling some $1,288,805,122 for the rehabilitation of the Liliendaal and Ogle Drainage Catchment areas in Region Four. An additional contract for $43,770,000 was also signed with CEMCO for the supervision of the works.

Minister Zulfikar Mustapha and other officials pose for a photo with the contractors

These works form part of the government’s Flood Risk Management Project (FRMP) and are being executed through funding from the World Bank.

Agriculture Minister, Honourable Zulfikar Mustapha while offering remarks said that the projects being executed form part of the government’s overall development agenda for the sector.

While speaking specifically on the works to be done as part of the FRMP, Minister Mustapha said the government is cognizant of the fact that continuous work was needed to improve drainage systems in vulnerable areas of the country and that since assuming office a number of critical infrastructure has been built and rehabilitate to support these efforts.

Agriculture Minister, Hon. Zulfikar Mustapha

“This project from the World Bank is a continuation of the government’s partnership with the World Bank and other funding agencies to improve the drainage system in vulnerable areas. Over the years and more recently, Guyana has been experiencing the effects of climate change. A number of areas were affected by flooding like in 2005 when central Georgetown and the East Coast would’ve suffered one of the most devastating floods. Then again in 2021, we suffered another devastating flood. As a government, we are very cognizant of the fact that we have to improve our drainage system. I’m happy that over the last two and a half years we’ve seen a number of pump stations being constructed, new pumps, canals, sluices, and other structures have been either constructed or rehabilitated and as we continue to improve the drainage and irrigation aspect of our country, we are seeing more and more development in the sector,” the minister noted.

The objective of the Flood Risk Management Project for Guyana is to reduce the risk of flooding in the low-lying areas along the East Demerara corridor.

World Bank Country Representative in Guyana, Ms. Diletta Doretti said that the awarding of the contract to a local company demonstrates Guyanese contractors’ ability to effectively execute works of this magnitude. She further stated that the project aims to decrease flood threats in vulnerable areas in Region Four.

“Through the signing of this contract, the Ministry of Agriculture will focus on the rehabilitation of the Ogle – Liliendaal drainage catchment area, in particular of the operation of the pumping station at Liliendaal and the rehabilitation of the sluice gates at Ogle. The contract which is valued at over US$6 million was awarded to a local contractor hence demonstrating the capacity local Guyanese companies have in this area and in general in construction.

“Through this project, the Guyana Flood Risk Management Project, the government is contributing to decreasing the risk of flood risk in the great area of Georgetown which is very important as the area of Georgetown is expanding quickly. The World Bank is also supporting the government by providing technical assistance with the development of a complimentary master plan related to the Georgetown metropolitan area which will be completed shortly. This master plan will provide a comprehensive assessment and option for long-term and high-priority investment in areas that have to be rehabilitated and will complement existing work done under the Guyana Flood Risk Management Project,” she explained.

The rehabilitation works at Liliendaal will include repairs to the control panel, inspection, and replacement of both of the 4.2 cubic meters per second pumps and/ or pump components. The new works will include the construction of a modern pump station and the installation of two electrically driven pumps, each rated at 2.27 cubic meters per second which is equivalent to 35,000 gallons per minute. This capacity will contribute to draining areas as far back as Sophia and is expected to prevent flooding in the wider Liliendaal basin.

MoA’s Permanent Secretary, Delma Nedd signing the contract with General Engineering Supplies and Services Ltd. for the World Bank funded project

The direct beneficiaries will be persons residing between Ogle/Goedverwagting and Liliendaal, inclusive of Sophia to the south, which is approximately 45,000 persons.  

Contracts were also signed by the National Drainage and Irrigation Authority (NDIA) with NP Investment totaling $57,045,750 for the construction of a drainage structure at Palmyra in Region Three and M Sukhai Contracting Services totaling some $19,921,960 for the construction of a revetment along the Lamaha Canal in Georgetown.

The National Agriculture Research and Extension Institute (NAREI) also signed a contract with Agrosol totaling some $185,000,000 for the construction of 100 tunnel houses

The ADSU signed a contract with Anil Lalsa Construction totaling some $199,662,358 for the construction of office and laboratory spaces to support the Guyana Food Safety Authority.