Aranaputa’s water harvesting project on stream

DPI, Guyana, Thursday, August 31, 2017

Aranaputa Valley, a village in the North Rupununi, Region Nine is embarking on a water harvesting project to bring relief to crops and livestock during the dry season. This project is being executed by  the National Drainage Authority (NDIA).

The water harvesting facility, which saw construction beginning three weeks ago will have a rectangular shape and a depth of 12 feet.

Works ongoing at the Aranaputa water harvesting area.

The Department of Public Information (DPI) recently visited the area and spoke to Toshao Adon Jacobus, who explained that Aranaputa is a farming community, and during the dry season, the residents suffer tremendously.

“ Water is a big problem for us. We have to get water for our produce and our animals and so we decided to engage the Ministry of Agriculture to see how we can assist the farmers during the dry season. So we decided that we will harvest the water,” Jacabus said.

The water will flow directly from the mountain, where there

Toshao Adon Jacabus.

is a small pond that springs water all year long. Currently there is a hose leading the water to a small pool where animals would drink water. “The pond up the hill is never dry, the water flows all the time and is wasted, so we will use that to harvest the water,” Jacabus explained.

The facility will be set up in a way that allows farmers to pump water from it directly to their farms. Additionally, the Village council is also digging  small ponds at strategic locations, where the animals can go and drink the water .

The enterprise is one of NDIA’s major capital projects and NDIA’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Fredrick Flatts, confirmed that it will be completed within six to eight weeks.

Similar projects are being undertaken at Woweta, Rupertee, Annai Central, Massara, Toka, Parashara and Nappi. Flatts explained that that the project at Massara is 60 percent completed however, due to heavy rainfalls, works was halted.

A total of $30M was approved in the 2017 Budget for the execution of these projects.


By: Synieka Thorne