Around 105 households in Itabac, Kanapang receive solar systems in time for Christmas

Amerindian, riverine, and rural communities continue to benefit from the government’s Solar Home Systems Programme, with Itabac and Kanapang in Region Eight becoming the latest beneficiaries.

Minister of Amerindian Affairs, Pauline Sukhai travelled to these remote communities on Saturday to deliver the solar systems, ensuring that the houses are lit in time for Christmas.

Around 60 households in Itabac will receive their panels over the weekend while 45 households in Kanapang are expected to benefit.

Each system is designed with a 160-megawatt solar PV panel, a charge controller unit with a lithium-ion battery to power two nine-watt LED lamps, and one 12-watt desk fan.

Each home energy system is equipped with two USB ports for charging portable electronic devices.

The initiative by the PPP/C Administration seeks to address the energy disparity in indigenous communities and empower them by granting reliable sources of energy.

Addressing residents during the exercise, Minister Sukhai highlighted that households in these areas were expected to benefit from the programme prior, but the initiative was halted by the previous administration.

“Since we left office, the other government parked the project…When we came back in office, we were able to reintroduce not only the solar panel project but the ICT and the CSOs (Community Service Officers), among other bigger projects,” she pointed out. Distribution to other communities will continue on Sunday and Monday. Already, Paramakatoi, Bamboo Creek, Arasawa, Taruka, and Monkey Mountain among other villages have received their panels.