Atlantic Reader Series will reduce learning disparities between Coast and Hinterland

The Atlantic Reader Series, a local book series tailored to enhance literacy skills in students in Grades One to Six, is a step towards reducing the disparities between the Coast and Hinterland in accessing appropriate and adequate local learning material.

This was noted by Head of the Learning Resources and Development Unit, Ms. Myra Pierre Moore during the launch of the series last Friday. She stated that the book series is an invaluable reading resource which is much needed.

The Honourable Minister of Education, Priya Manickchand having a look at the printed books yesterday

“We can appreciate that these are essential and important resources, specifically produced for our nation’s children at the primary level. They were envisioned, designed, developed, produced and packaged with utmost care and consideration right here in our beautiful Guyana having been given the seal of approval, we are assured that our readers and workbook meet the criteria required in terms of appropriateness to age and level cultural relevance, gender balance inclusivity, graphic and illustrations are appropriate to learners experience.”

Head of the Learning Resources and Development Unit, Ms. Myra Pierre Moore

Reflecting on the many challenges faced by teachers, especially those in the hinterland due to the lack of appropriate and adequate local reading resources, Ms. Pierre Moore said commended the team for their contributions as the book series is a step towards closing the gap.

She noted that it is a privilege that each child can have access to a book that will be used personally in the class and at home adding that teachers can rest assured that there is added support for instruction that meets the curriculum standards and benchmarks if used appropriately.

The Atlantic Reader Series comprises of six reader books complete with workbooks. The series is available on the Ministry of Education’s website as well.