Baramita CSOs hail programme, eager to serve

The Government’s resuscitation of the Community Support Officer (CSO) programme has bolstered the delivery of services in Amerindian villages.

During a community consultation hosted by Minister of Amerindian Affairs, Hon. Pauline Sukhai in Baramita, Barima-Waini (Region One) on Tuesday, Toshao, Ms. Sharmain Rambajue praised the programme.

Minister of Amerindian Affairs, Hon. Pauline Sukhai during the consultation

“I really appreciate [it] because it’s like they don’t say they getting a little stipend and they ain’t working no more. They always on the extra-go with me when it comes to village work. So, I really want to say thank you for these CSOs that you have provided for Baramita,” she said.

Several CSOs who have gained first-time employment through the programme also said they were eager to serve.

Toshao of Baramita village, Ms. Sharmain Rambajue

Ms. Selina Bacchus said, “I like it a lot…It kind of encourages me now in giving more to my community. At least I feel more helpful to my community, and during this pandemic, in this job we learnt a lot more the way to converse with people and we learnt more about the problems.”

CSO, Ms. Selina Bacchus

The young woman said she has also learnt be patient and to execute various tasks the village council may delegate.

Another CSO, Ms. Shania Baird delved into plans to impart the knowledge she has gained through the programme.  “I went to Georgetown to do the ICT- the computer training. Yes, so when they finish the ICT hub, I will start like teaching the other people about it,” she said.

CSO, Ms. Shania Baird

For Ms. Michesha Baird, the hiring of CSOs in their own villages makes communication easy in the Carib-speaking community.  “Sometimes people come by we to ask some questions and by explaining it to them in my own words, I can ‘Carib’ because I know their language. They understand it more than how the people in English would explain it. So, I find that very helpful by speaking my own language to them,” she said.

CSO, Ms. Michesha Baird

Nearly two weeks ago, Minister Sukhai told Amerindians in Karasabai, Region Nine that 174 CSOs would be trained in computer literacy this year.

This training will facilitate the roll out of the Government’s Information Communication Technology (ICT) programme in 200 communities over the next two years.

These CSOs will be attached to the village councils to assist Amerindians with access to services.