‘Because We Care’ cash grant distribution begins next Tuesday

Government’s ‘Because We Care’ $30,000 cash grant and uniform voucher is set to begin distribution next Tuesday, August 2, which will see almost 194,000 Guyanese students of public and private schools benefitting.

Minister of Education, Priya Manickchand

This is part of the PPP/C Administration’s manifesto commitment to improve access to education at every level, while reducing the cost of education to families.

Parents, guardians, and students were informed of the distribution date by the Ministry of Education’s social media platform, Facebook on Tuesday.

Last year, the grant saw every child receiving some $19,000, an increase from the $10,000 per child which was first given to public school students in 2014.

Requirements needed to uplift ‘Because We Care’ cash grant.

Listening to the plea of parents, the initiative was extended to private school students for the first-time last year.

The grant has been increased this year t0 $25,000, while the school uniform and supplies voucher increased from $4,000 to $5,000, taking the total to $30,000

Government will be expending $5.8 billion in grants for the children.

Meanwhile, coupled with the grant, the ministry will be providing further assistance in the form of text books to every child in primary school as was done for children in Grades five and six.

Students from Grade seven to 13 will be provided with the required Mathematics, English and literature textbooks, while the government continues to make every effort over the next two years to provide all secondary school students with all the textbooks needed for school.

Parents and guardians can uplift the grant at the respective school of their child or children.

Persons are required to present a valid form of identification (ID card, Driver’s license or Passport).

Persons are encouraged to have their identity verified by a senior official in their community or village Toshao’s if they are without a valid form of identification.