Better Hope/LBI NDC effective in its execution of duties

In order to effectively address the needs of the residents and to keep up with the pace of work in the country, the Better Hope/La Bonne Intention (LBI) Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC) has been working closely with the government to fast-track developments within the area.

Such action has brought great transformation within the infrastructure and housing sector among the villages that fall within the NDC.

Chairman, Zaman Shaw told the Department of Public Information (DPI) that the council is currently in a good place in terms of bringing betterment to the villagers.

“Our NDC has been working very closely with the Ministry of Public Works, the Ministry of Housing and Water, and the Ministry of Local Government. If we take a drive in this area we will see that some of the communities that have never developed at the back are now hosting massive housing schemes,” the chairman explained.

He noted that LBI specifically has seen hundreds of lots being distributed to residents within the last three years. Also, accessibility has been made easier with the upgrades of the roads. 

“Some of the areas north of the public road have always been squatting areas and you know when you regularise squatting areas there are many developments that are needed within the community. And so we have been working towards those developments,” Shaw stated.

The community leader added that the role of the NDC has shifted from just addressing the basic matters such as drainage, irrigation, and garbage collection to addressing the social plight of residents.

As such, in keeping in line with the agenda of the PPP\C Administration, the local government organ has an ‘open-door’ policy and a system that is made up of 75 per cent of young people, who venture into the fields to understand the plight of the people and address their concerns.

“This NDC is very blessed because we have a team of leaders that is interested in advancing whatever need there is for community development. We are a closely knitted team that works very hard and is committed to ensuring that we put our communities on top,” the chairman stressed.