Billions invested to improve road networks in Region Six, Ten

The People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) government has invested heavily in infrastructural development countrywide in just three years compared to that of the opposition during its five-year tenure.

This was revealed by His Excellency, the President Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali on the sidelines of the four-lane Mackenzie-Wismar Bridge contract signing ceremony in Linden.

His Excellency, President Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali

The president detailed that more than $2 billion was injected for the rehabilitation of hinterland roads in the Region in only three years while no investment was made by the opposition in five years.

Similarly, the opposition expended a total of $289 million to rehabilitate urban roads in the region compared to the government’s significant investment of $3 billion in three years.

Further, he called attention to the role and impact the no-confidence motion which was passed in 2018 had on the opposition’s performance.

Revealing that zero urban road projects were executed in 2015 and 2016. However, in 2017, eight urban roads were rehabilitated.

Road development

“You get nothing for the first three years, no-confidence motion passed under the urban road head as soon as the no-confidence motion passes you get the first eight roads… never allow people to treat you this way,” said President Ali.

The President was adamant that in 2018 only four urban road projects were executed and in 2019 the figure hiked to 19 urban road projects due to the upcoming elections.

“Now they give you 19, that is how they treated you. When you talk about using people that is what defines it that is how they treated you in five years investing $289 million, 85 percent of which came after the no-confidence motion,” he strongly emphasised.

Meanwhile, in Region Six, the government once again invested billions in road development to enhance connectivity and promote economic development.

This resulted in the uncovering of thousands of acres of land as some $1.7 billion was injected to rehabilitate several Farm to Market access roads.

Linden residents attending the Mackenzie-Wismar four-lane Bridge contract signing ceremony

This also plays a significant role in the government’s efforts to boost the agriculture sector while enhancing the lives of residents and farmers in the region.

Another $27 billion was expended to rehabilitate miscellaneous and urban roads in the region.

Remarkable strides made in fulfillment of their 2020-2025 manifesto commitment.