Bina Hill’s Green Enterprise poised to ensure Hinterland development 

DPI, Guyana, Monday, December 17, 2018

“The ministry is firm in its partnership within the Bina Hill Green Enterprise Development Centre, a laudable initiative that has as its core, the holistic development of hinterland youth,” says Minister of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs, Sydney Allicock.

The minister recently noted Government’s commitment to bridging the gap between the heartland of Guyana and the coast, as it seeks to develop human resources which would include the hinterland peoples.

Minister of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs, Sydney Allicock.

“The centre is being constructed at a cost of $200 million and will be equipped to accommodate and train 120 youths from across the country, annually. They will benefit from training in ‘green skills’ such as Natural Resource Management, Community and Village Rangers, Ecosystem Management, Forest Rangers, Village mapping and eco-tourism guides among others,” Minister Allicock noted.

Significantly, the minister assured that this is all in readiness of the development to come not only in Region 9 but throughout the length and breadth of Guyana.

Speaking to the specific target group, the minister said “the centre provides our Indigenous out-of-school youth with skills and academic training in areas which are in demand within their respective communities, thereby reducing the need for relocation in search of jobs and other economic opportunities”

The ministry has envisaged youth across the hinterland becoming more competitive and productive in the national workforce and an increased number of young entrepreneurs within the villages and communities who are geared for success like never before.

“This will ensure there are options for our youths to pursue higher levels of training or to market their skills in the world of work”, the minister noted.

During his presentation on Budget 2019 in the National Assembly recently, Minister Allicock said:

“Budget 2019 provides these young people greater scope and improved opportunities through the Green Centre, to be fully involved and prepared for the transition from the ‘business as usual’ path into the good life within our future Green State”.

The government, with support from the Ministry of Education, is looking to have the institute fully accredited so that the achievements from the youths who gain an education there, can be recognized both nationally and internationally.

Since government’s ascension to office in 2015, in excess of $146M has been invested to develop the Bina Hill Institute, with more than 200 youths graduating to date with a 90 per cent pass rate.

Minister Allicock also noted that little or no support is forthcoming from the opposition with regards to realistic developments which are being employed by the ministry since “they would have failed to seize opportunities umpteen times to contribute meaningfully, or it is hard to leave that comfort zone or perhaps the reason is as Thomas Edison once said – Opportunity is often missed because it looks like work.”

He noted that Guyana is poised to see significant development, therefore the opposition must come on board in support.