Block-making centre commissioned in Blue Berry Hill, Linden

─Training in masonry and block-making underway

─Sewing factory to open in two weeks

DPI, Guyana, Monday, January 13, 2019

A block-making centre has opened its doors in Blue Berry Hill, Wismar, Linden with training in masonry and block-making already underway.

The job creation venture comes under the Ministry of Social Protection’s Sustainable Livelihood and Entrepreneurial Development (SLED) programme.

According to Community Development Officer, Bernita Primo, the creator behind the centre, the aim is to reduce Linden’s unemployment rate and provide a nursery for those interested in becoming masons or block makers. Systems are being put in place for those individuals to serve as the local content needed for jobs through the Community and Regional Development Councils.

Primo also disclosed that the finishing touches were being applied to a sewing factory which would be commissioned in two weeks.

“I am really happy this is a success, particularly in the Blue Berry Hill area, where we particularly had nothing to create jobs. Now we have the community centre also and in two weeks’ time our sewing factory is expected to be up and running, all are invited, not only residents of Blue Berry Hill, but Linden and Region 10,” Primo said.

Speaking on the project as well, Constituency Representative for Blue Berry Hill, Councillor Fern McKoy noted: “It is a good gesture, a good initiative to create employment for the residents both in Blue Berry Hill and neighbouring communities, which will offset the unemployment rate in Linden. We are hoping for much more like this in Region 10 and Guyana as a whole.”

McKoy has been meeting residents, particularly youths, and encouraging them to participate in the projects, even if they are not their intended career paths.

“It is a start and eventually they can branch off to what they originally had in mind but for now, they can utilise the services and earn money at the same time,” she said.