‘Bright Christmas’ for Region One residents

─ as new grids, generators to be installed

Communities in Region One (Barima-Waini) will have a bright Christmas this year, as the Public Works Ministry has announced plans to install a number of electrical poles, grids and generators.

Minister of Public Works, Bishop Juan Edghill greeting resident of Wauna Village, Region One.

On Monday, Public Works Minister Bishop Juan Edghill announced that a 900 KVA generator will be delivered to Mabaruma to ensure adequate distribution of electricity to the community.

“There is the acquisition of another generator that is coming into your region.  900 KVA to add to capacity that is already here, so Mabaruma is looking up,” Minister Edghill said during a community outreach at the Wauna Primary School.

Electrical poles are currently being erected in Wauna and Tobago, in an effort to boost the delivery of electricity there.

Region One Chairman, Brentnol Ashley

Regional Chairman, Brentnol Ashley said residents will have a bright Christmas.

He noted that,“by the ending of September, early October this community and the community of Tobago would start benefitting from 24 hours electricity coming from the Mabaruma grid. The utility poles are already being dropped as to where they will be erected and so by Christmas, we are going to have a bright Christmas it won’t be a blue Christmas when it comes to electricity.

Villagers were encouraged to begin wiring their homes to prevent any hiccups with connection.

The chairman noted that government, through the Regional Democratic Council (RDC), is working to increase the hours of electricity in the village of White Water and Arakuru.

“In the community of White water, we are right now looking to see if we have savings in this year’s budget, if not in 2023. We are seeking to have the extension of electricity to Arakuru. Our plan as a region is to increase those hours in the coming year so that through our 2023 budget once given to us those communities will experience an increase in electricity hours, Ashley said.

 This is a direct result of a commitment made to the residents of White Water.

Meanwhile, in the community of Kamwata a genset (an engine and alternator that converts chemical energy of fuel to mechanical energy), has already been set up to power the community’s electrical grid.

Government is awaiting residents to complete the wiring of their homes to continue the electrification process.

Also, residents of Yarakita will soon benefit from electricity for the first time.

“I was so pleased that there is already utility wires up in the community, the gensets house is already completed and is only awaiting the generator to be placed into that house and then the people of Yarakita is going to start benefitting from electricity as well for approximately five hours a day,”a resident said.

The chairman further stated that since the PPP/C Administration took office two years ago, the lives of the people in the region have been improving with the development of electricity, infrastructure and water supply systems.

The PPP/C Administration remains committed to providing affordable, stable and reliable energy to all Guyanese including hinterland communities.