Bringing the Government to the People

DPI, Guyana, Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Farmers in the Yarrowkabra area can look forward to works being done in their farming community to aid in the supply of water. This assurance followed a fruitful engagement with Minister of Agriculture Noel Holder

This is just one of many issues to be resolved coming out of today’s Government Outreach. Present at the exercise and speaking with the farmers, was Minister of Agriculture, Noel Holder. In an exclusive interview with the Department of Information, Minister Holder gave his assessment of the day’s event.

“The whole purpose of the exercise is to bring the government to the people, we have found it very useful here, because what we have done is bring all of our departments, and the Ministry of Agriculture has a large number of departments.”

Minister Holder continued, “Problems are being solved, so in a nutshell, we think the exercise has been worthwhile we certainly would like as a ministry, as a government to replicate it elsewhere, and we think only good can come of it.”

The concern of getting adequate water for farming was brought by the group of concerned farmers who reside within the Yarrowkabra community. They were represented by Colwyn King, who expressed his satisfaction with his visit.

“We are here to address the issue of doing agriculture with inadequate water, so we were asking the minister if he can intervene with either the reduction of water costs, or getting a means to supply water, and so … they will be there next Wednesday to look at the farming structure and see what means they can provide water for us”

The Department of Public Information caught up with students from the University of Guyana Faculty of Law who were eager to learn what they could from the Ministry of Legal Affairs

One of those students, Thalia Thompson was extremely happy to not only get help with her work but lauded the initiative by the government.

“Today I’m out here to get some more information in relation to the legal aspect of what the government can do for law students. I also visited various booths and for me, it was very helpful, I think that it’s a great initiative.”

While at the booth for the Ministry of Legal Affairs, DPI was also able to get a few words from the Solicitor General, Nigel Hawke on the day’s proceedings

“A lot of members of the public would’ve come to find out general legal matters and concerns that they have, we have recorded their information, those we can address, we addressed, those we cannot, we have taken their contact numbers to call them and follow up”

Some citizens present were able to address security concerns within their communities, one such citizen was Patrick De Weaver who was elated and grateful to have gotten adequate feedback from the Ministry of Public Security. “My concern is about the upgrading of security in the neighbourhood. I’ve already spoken to the Minister of Public Security and I was able to get some assistance which I am grateful for”

Citizens came out in the hundreds to have their issues addressed at today’s government outreach. Persons are already calling for it to be at least an annual event, as they were very pleased to be able to meet with their elected representatives, a luxury not afforded in previous times.

Nikosi Bruce.

Images: Marceano Narine.