Budget 2021 is pro-poor and pro-growth -Minister Teixeira

-governance under APNU/AFC only benefitted a few

Minister of Parliamentary Affairs and Governance, Hon. Gail Teixeira says the 2021 Budget is set to benefit all Guyanese, particularly the most vulnerable as the administration has adopted a pro-poor, pro-growth approach to development.

On the final day of Budget presentations, the Minister said the PPP/C’s Budget once again highlights a philosophical difference between this Administration’s style of governance and that of the Coalition, which only governed for the elites.

Minister of Parliamentary Affairs and Governance, Hon. Gail Teixeira

“When you look at the PPP/C budgets, there is a large section to do with pro-poor and a large section to do with pro-growth to allow for the growth of businesses, and for the betterment of all of our people,” she said.

Minister Teixeira said the former administration was focused on draining the resources of the country, which led to the skyrocketing of the standard of living through heavy taxation, while they failed to redirect the revenue to the people.

“You took all that you could. You sucked the country of its oxygen. People were suffocating under your leadership and you never recognised it. You never saw it. You refused to believe it,” she told the National Assembly.

To further contrast the differences between the Opposition and the Government, Minister Teixeira said the PPP/C’s policies are designed to take the country forward.

“We are the enablers and facilitators to make sure that our people are able to reach the heights that they supposed to have, to get the opportunities to do that, to get the support of the Government and whatever goods and services we offer in order to be able to reach that,” she added.

The relationship between the people and the Government is sacrosanct, the Minister said, and Budget 2021 would facilitate the rebuilding of the nation through massive infrastructural development, the enhancement of social services and support for the health sector.

Minister Teixeira was adamant that the PPP/C government would accomplish these goals and reduce the disparities that exist within the country.