Budget 2024 enhances lives of the working class – MPs Narine, Veerasammy

The second day of the 2024 budget debates came to a close on Tuesday evening with the $1.146 trillion plan for development receiving glowing commendations from members of parliament Seepaul Narine, and Bhagmattie Veerasammy.

During their presentations to the national assembly, the two MPs praised the government’s strategic and dedicated drive to deliver on the promises outlined in their manifesto.

Members of Parliament, Seepaul Narine

Speaking in alignment with his profession as a trade unionist, MP Seepaul Narine highlighted his interest in specific measures which safeguard and advance the lives of the working class and their families.

These include proper educational facilities, free university education and initiatives tailored to propel the future of Guyanese youths, affordable housing, comfort, safety and security, new state-of-the-art hospitals, health facilities and a plethora of others.

“It is clear as day that the PPP/C is committed to honouring our promises to our people. Budget 2024 has broken all records it anticipates spending in the interest of our people $1.146 trillion by any yardstick it is a massive investment in our people. That is why I’m heartened to recognise that budget 2024 aims to address those questions meaningfully,” he emphasised.

Noting the increases in public assistance, old age pensions, and the increase in the income tax threshold, Narine stressed that these measures represent a ‘victory’ for the working class, propelling the country further into a prosperous future.

“I know many workers paid careful attention to the budget and were not disappointed. Increasing the income tax threshold to $100,000 monthly is a significant gain, this intervention alone will put some 5 billion dollars in the pocket of our workers,” the MP pointed out.

Members of Parliament, Bhagmattie Veerasammy

Meanwhile, MP Bhagmattie Veerasammy described the budget as a ‘masterpiece’ that continues the foundation created by the PPP/C government, to realise a vision of national advancement.

“The 2024 budget focuses on people, the development of infrastructure, the diversification and strengthening of our economy, job creation, building an educated and wealthier nation, ensuring that individuals and families own their own homes, and utilities provided to them for improved standard of living. That is what prosperity is all about,” she stressed.

She drew attention to a series of projects completed by the government since returning to office, many of which the previous administration failed to complete during this five-year reign.  These included the East Coast four-lane highway, Sheriff to Mandela Road and the Ogle to Eccles highway. These incomplete projects represented the abysmal failure that characterised the opposition’s tenure in office, according to Veerasammy.

“Not only did they fail to complete these projects, but they increased the cost for them. Between 1964 [and] 1992, the PNC and APNU’s economic track record was an abysmal failure. They destroyed infrastructure, the educational and health facilities, and bankrupt[ed] this country through their poor management and incompetence,” she said.

Turning to the string of measures that the 2024 budget promises for Guyanese, the member of parliament highlighted that women, children, and the elderly are some of the vulnerable groups that will see an improved quality of life, as billions more in disposable income will be placed into their pockets.

“The opposition on the other side of this House claims that this budget has nothing for our people. They are strangers to the truth. Look at the 200 taxes imposed on our people. Do you remember the promises of a good life for all? As promised, our PPP/C government removed all those taxes and created conditions to facilitate investment, economic growth and prosperity for our people,” Veerasammy pointed out.