Budget 2024 is being managed on large scale –  MP Datadin tells National Assembly

Standing firm in support of budget 2024 in the National Assembly on Wednesday, Government Member of Parliament, Sanjeev Datadin said the financial plan is being managed on large scale.

According to the MP, the budget is made of principles that will greatly contribute to the development of every sector in the country and its people.

Member of Parliament, Sanjeev Datadin

“Now, this is a budget that is being managed on a very large scale for a reason. The fundamentals of this budget, Mr Speaker, were simple. We built out infrastructure…The infrastructure in turn provides housing and economic activities, both of which require more skills, [and] more services,” MP Datadin stated.

He said the government has laid out a series of programmes to educate the citizens in both a physical and virtual manner to provide skills as quickly as possible.

As the government seeks to do this, it is also making the disposable income of people better by easing their economic hardships.

These hardships include the cost of fuel, tax, and shipping cost, among others, which he said is exactly what budget 2024 seeks to address.

“Now, the budget does these things in stages. The infrastructure that we build, the bridges, the highways, the roads…those things allow for the development of communities…We have increased salaries, we have increased pensions. We have also alleviated the cost of living, and increased the Because We Care cash grant,” the MP pointed out.

Moreover, in comparing the multitude of measures implemented by the PPP/C Government with the limited actions undertaken by the APNU+AFC, Datadin emphasised the clear distinction between democracy and its absence.

According to him, the opposition continuously speaks of the many developmental projects that it intends to do but never actually did them when it was in office ignoring scores of citizens.  

“This side of the house is actually doing what it said it would do…Spending money for the betterment of the Guyanese people,” he stated.

Turning his attention to the oil and gas resources of the country, specifically the local content, Datadin stated that over 6,000 locals are employed as contractors and machinery operators among other professions.

He added that the local content act itself provides the opportunity for Guyanese to be employed.