Business continues in Georgetown

―despite some stores remaining closed

DPI, Guyana, Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Business continues in the capital city, Georgetown as many store owners have kept their doors open during the current political season. Along the commercial hotspot of Regent Street, small entrepreneurs shared their confidence in the week ahead.

Small business owner Samantha Souvenir says she has remained steadfast since elections last Monday, ensuring that she’s opened for business to cater to her customers’ needs.

A resilient Samantha told DPI, “You can’t back off. You gotta keep coming all the time.”

Further along Regent street, some stores were closed, but for those entrepreneurs that kept their sales alive, it has been rewarding. Lynden Jeffrey a businessman who has worked for some 30 years along Regent Street between King and Wellington streets said he will continue to work for his family.

“I didn’t want to work today and I ended up coming out, and since I came out, I raised $5,000. So, if I had stayed in, I would make anything,” Lyndon said. “The grandchildren-everybody as soon as they see I am home they hollering, “grandfather what you come with”. So, we have to open every day,” Lyndon continued.

A short distance away is Kim Jacobs who prides herself in the daily opening of her clothing business. While some of her competitors have closed, Kim remains committed to ensuring her business thrives.

“I’m coming out for the rest of the week […] because I have kids going to school so I got to come out,” Kim continued.

While there were protests among parts of the East Bank of Demerara and Berbice, Georgetown has remained calm with no major interruptions to daily activities.