By all means necessary

―Lindeners make every effort to cast their ballot

DPI, Guyana, Monday, March 2, 2020

From persons living with disabilities to those advanced in age, residents of Linden, Region 10, pitched in to ensure systems were in place to assist those who needed help getting to their polling stations Elections Day.

Amelia’s Ward resident Anthony White, teamed up with several taxi drivers to shuttle persons to the four polling stations in the community.

“Amelia’s Ward is a very big community and there are only four polling stations. Many persons, especially the elderly and disabled, will have a difficulty getting there, so I went into my own pocket to ensure these persons get to the polling stations,” White said. “We will also be providing them with water and whatever else is needed,” he explained.

It was observed that the wheelchair-bound, those using crutches or walking canes, mothers with young babies, and even persons who had to be carried, were all among the early morning voters.

At the Linden Foundation Secondary School in Amelia’s Ward, one of the first persons to cast their ballot was Ralph Bruce who depends on a walking cane.

“I went to sleep with this on my mind, I travelled all the way from the bush to bring out some people and I woke up since four,” he said. “Let them come out and vote; if you can’t walk, let somebody lift you and bring you, every vote counts,” he emphasised.

Leon Bremner of Coomacka, who is both elderly and living with a disability, told DPI that he ensured he voted because he felt his choice would provide more development and benefits for those in the in the differently-abled community.

Meanwhile, 83-year-old Constance Charles, of Coomacka, ignored the usual aches and pains to come out. “I see everything going well around me. So, I am encouraging my fellow seniors to come out and vote,” Charles said.