Canadian parliamentarians reassure support for Guyana

The Canadian Chapter of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association has reassured support for Guyana on a number of critical global issues.

Foreign Secretary Robert Persaud was on Tuesday paid a courtesy call by Ms Alexandra Mendes, M.P. Chair of the Canadian Branch of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association. She was accompanied by the Honourable Salma Ataullahjan, Senator and Executive Committee Member, Mr Rheal Fortin, M.P., Mr Robert Kitchen, M.P. Executive Committee Member and Mr Remi Bourgault, Secretary to the Delegation. The Honourable Manzoor Nadir, the Speaker, accompanied the delegation.

The Foreign Secretary welcomed and thanked the visiting delegation and noted that the visit enhanced the bilateral relationship between Guyana and Canada. Moreover, Foreign Secretary Persaud noted regional engagement via the 3rd Annual Canada-CARICOM Foreign Minister’s Group meeting held in the margins of the Regular Session of the OAS General Assembly and, recently, the Canada-CARICOM Summit held from October 17-19, 2023, in Canada. He also mentioned that the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association is of added value to Guyana and Canada in promoting parliamentary representative democracy in the Commonwealth countries.  

Foreign Secretary Persaud also outlined foreign policy priorities of Guyana  such as  the Low Carbon Development Strategy 2023, food insecurity, the situation in Haiti, energy security, Guyana’s Non-Permanent UN Security Council seat for 2024-2025, Venezuela’s  illegal territorial claims. As pertained to the controversy, the Foreign Secretary thanked Canada for its historical stands and active role in the Commonwealth in defending Guyana’s territorial integrity.

Ms Alexandra Mendes, M.P. Chair of the Canadian Branch of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, agreed with the priorities outlined by the Foreign Secretary regarding climate change, food insecurity, and the situation in Haiti. As it pertained to the Guyana vs Venezuela Controversy, she added that international law is on Guyana’s side, and the Government of Canada follows the case closely before the International Court of Justice. 

Senator Salma Ataullahjan mentioned Guyana’s diaspora population and their active role in Canada’s cultural enrichment.

Foreign Secretary Perusad mentioned that the oil and gas sector is transforming Guyana and aiding its rapid, inclusive development for all Guyanese.

The High Commission of Canada and the National Assembly of Guyana have facilitated the visit as part of engagements through the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA). The delegation will meet with a cross-section of Guyanese society.