CANU, Education Ministry to tackle use of illegal drugs in schools

The Customs Anti-Narcotic Unit (CANU) is tackling the use of illegal drugs in schools across the country, a collaborative venture between the Ministry of Education and other stakeholders.

This was revealed by Head of CANU James Singh on Thursday in response to questions by the media on the use of exotic drugs in schools.

Head, Customs Anti-Narcotic Unit, James Singh

“So, we’re working with the Ministry of Education and other agencies, to sensitise and to develop a programme that allows us to go into various schools around the region, sensitise persons about the effects of narcotics,” Singh said.

While students are the main targets of the programme, teachers will play a crucial role in the implementation and effectiveness of the initiative.

“So, it’s not only about working with the students, but also working with the teachers. They must also be able to see the behavioural patterns of persons. That gives us a better idea if persons are on drugs or something else so we can work with them also,” he stated.

Singh also noted that CANU is doing a lot of work in communities countrywide, and is urging persons from within the communities to play their role in curbing the use of illegal drugs.

“We’re doing a lot of work in various communities and the aim here is to target persons who are engaged in selling narcotics, regardless of where, whether it is close by a school or even in that community itself, and that’s why again I will ask…if you know persons are engaged in selling narcotics within your community, anywhere, let us know confidentially and we will take the necessary action,” Singh said.

Last Saturday, CANU destroyed over 3,000 pounds of marijuana valued over $523 million which were seized at various ports in Guyana.